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Asterisk Information Collection

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Here is the condensed list of the more useful information on the installation, configuration and operation of Asterisk. View our documentation.

Please send any suggestions for additional content to asterisk@surfcity.com.
Downloading and installing SUSE Linux.
Getting started with Asterisk.  Start here. Will take you through step by step the setup of a Linux box and Asterisk. When you are done, you should have a functioning system.
voip-info.org Asterisk Documentation. Appears to be the most comprehensive "nuts and bolts" description of the installation and configuration.
Asterisk Documentation Project. An (apparently) separate attempt to create a user manual. Largely incomplete, but has some nuggets of informaiton.
Asterisk: A Bare-Bones VoIP Example. A really good article written for O'Reilly that gives an overview of what Asterisk can do. Part 1. A must read.
VoIP and POTS Integration with Asterisk. Part II of the O'Reilly Asterisk series.
http://www.asterisk.org The "Official" website with links to supported hardware. Also subscribe to the Asterisk mailing lists here.
Home page to digium, the folks who wrote Asterisk.
The VoIP Wiki - a reference guide to all things VOIP
The Asterisk-Users Archives
Tips for installing open source software packages on Linux.
Setting up the Xten XLite softphone for Asterisk.
General Information for setting up the Xten Xlite softphone.
Setting up a Xten X-Lite softphone on Asterisk
IAX based Soft Phone.
The *Asterisk Handbook.  PDF file written by the author. Good reference.
Sourceforge.net.  Where all the open source files (including Asterisk) are kept. Try a search for 'asterisk'.
IAX2 trunking: codec bandwidth comparison notes and results  Want to know how many voice connections you can support over a T1 ?
Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) Notes on using the AGI.
mono::.  No one wants to go back to writing web based applications with notepad once you have experienced the power of Microsoft's .NET. Here is Novell's CLR for Linux to answer your prayers.
Asterisk Resource Pages. Sample configuration files from a frequent contributor on the Asterisk IRC channel.
Quick install for configuring the zaptel hardware on Asteriskl
Configuring the zaptel Hardware. PDF file covering configuration parameters for the Zaptel hardware.
Asterisk Department of Junghanns.NET. A VOIP reseller with a lot of useful information on their website.
A GUI Interface for managing Asterisk calls
One Unified Asterisk Support Pages. Another VoIP reseller with useful information on their web site.
Unofficial Asterisk Community online forum  Not reall busy right now.
Converting a Cisco 7940/7960 CallManager Phone to a SIP Phone and the Reverse Process.  Most of you will eventually use one of these. Here is some interesting documentation on how these phones are configured.
Managing Cisco SIP IP Phones
Non-Cisco instructions for converting Cisco 7940/7960 CallManager Phone to a SIP Phone
Cisco 7940/7960 Telnet CLI
Configurable Parameters for the SIP IP Phone
pulverInnovations. Wi-Fi SIP phone.
Voicetronix VoIP hardware supported by Asterisk.
VoIP Bandwidth Calculator.  Does what it says.
Elan Speech. Cool web demo of a Text to Speech application. Sooner or later you will want to use T2S with Asterisk.
rhetorical interactive text to speech demo.
NANPA: North American Numbering Plan Administration. The organization responsible for phone number coordination.
Icenet - Wholesale VoIP Carrier.
Free World Dialup. Largest SIP peer to peer network. Can be accessed directly by Asterisk.
Stealth Telecommuncations. Wholesale VoIP services.
VoicePulse Connect! is the first commercial-grade origination and termination service that supports both SIP and IAX.
Volo Communications, Inc. & Galaxy Internet Services. VoIP services.
VirtualSIPTradeShow. Trade Association of SIP providers.
RPM download finder
Asterisk Block Diagram.
At some point, you will need to do traffic prioritization.  This is what to use.
ATAComm - VoIP Hardware Company
Security analysis of the implications of deploying Cisco
Systemsí SIP-based IP Phones model 7960
Cisco SIP IP Phone Administrator Guide
Vovida.org - a communications community site dedicated to providing a forum for open source software used in datacom and telecom environments
Another Cisco 7960 upgrade tutorial.
Vovida.org - a communications community site dedicated to providing a forum for open source software used in datacom and telecom environments
IP Telephony Cookbook
Where the Hell is it?
Asterisk (dial plan) commands
Asterisk (dial plan) variables
Asterisk AGI (Perl)
Asterisk billing
Asterisk Manager API
Asterisk Manager Events


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